Diemen Nord is an argentinian duet composed by Mariana D´ Antona and Fernando Juan.
Since 2005, only his guitar and her voice are enough to express their deepest and most hidden feelings.
It would be a mistake trying to define them in an specific music style. Their music is unique and completely original.

Diemen Nord is the Medieval times brought to the twenty first century. It´s a classic style in the current times.
Their lyrics make a heavy impact in whomever listen them. Magic tones from the guitar are enough to understand that not everything has been said in the music world. Their lyrics come from a soul full of feelings. It´s clear that Diemen Nord is different.

“Diemen I”, their first album debuted in 2008 and received a very positive feedback from a multi cultural audience.
A year after they debuted an EP with 4 tracks.
They did the first World Music Festival Tour in 2010. Their live performances include beautiful tones from cello, violin, bass, drum and piano. This August they are launching "II", their second LP with 10 original songs and published by Warner Music Argentina.

At the beginning of 2014 started in Buenos Aires "Essential - The Songs in pure condition" Tour. On 15 and 16 March Diemen Noord received the honor of being invited by Hugh Laurie as opening act at the Teatro Gran Rex.

In October they release the single “Lágrima En Tus Ojos” which includes a free interpretation of the play “Lágrima” by spanish writer Francisco Tárrega. Also, there is a fragment of the song “En Tus Ojos” by Diemen Noord, included on the album “II”. The video of this song was made using cinema technology and is therefore the first music video filmed with an IMAX system in South America.